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Some Catholic hospitals said to censor referrals

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Reuters reports that according to interviews with U.S. physicians by a research group, some Roman Catholic hospitals “not only refuse to provide some women’s health services like abortion, but may also prevent doctors from referring women to facilities that would provide them.
“Services including sterilization, contraception and fertility services can be similarly prohibited, according to the small study.”Car

“One thing that did surprise me is that some hospitals really do seem to leave women with little to no information when it comes to abortion care specifically,” said lead author Debra Stulberg of the University of Chicago. “For other services, whether it’s something a Catholic hospital allows or not, they will facilitate getting the appointment, sending records, etc.,” she told Reuters Health.
“But I’m not speaking across the board for everyone, it wasn’t always black and white,” Dr. Stulberg said.
Reuters reported that Catholic healthcare institutions make up 1 percent of U.S. acute-care hospitals, ¬†and their clinicians are bound by the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services issued by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. “These directives prohibit some reproductive healthcare services, but some Catholic theologians still believe doctors should openly explain all options to their patients, even ones they are not able to provide.”

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