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Chief wellness officers seem particularly useful now

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An article in NEJM Catalyst discusses the rising importance of a new kind of senior health-care executive — the chief wellness officer (CWO).

The article notes that “by incorporating CWOs into the emergency command structure, these health-care organizations were equipped to identify and address health care worker needs throughout the {COVID-19} pandemic. CWOs learned important lessons regarding how health-care organizations can best address workforce well-being in the midst of a crisis. Key CWO contributions include identifying evolving sources of worker anxiety, deploying support resources, participating in operational decision-making, and assessing the impact of fluid pandemic protocols on clinician well-being. As HCOs seek to promote post-traumatic growth, attention to the well-being of the workforce should be incorporated into emergency management protocols with the goal of sustaining a resilient health care workforce.”

Hit this link to read the full article.

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