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Choosing Wisely, Consumer Reports team up

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The “Choosing Wisely” initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation has asked more than 70 medical societies, associations and other ¬†groups to list common medical tests/procedures that are often clinically unnecessary and that can even cause harm in some cases.

To promote its mission of reducing unneeded medical activity, Choosing Wisely has  now partnered with Consumer Reports to create a Web site as well as videos and downloadable materials for patients and providers covering most of the Choosing Wisely recommendations. They have also have launched an iOS app for patients for easy access to these materials on the go. The app includes drugs as well as tests and procedures.

Hit this link to get to the new Consumer Reports/Choosing Wisely Web site.

Hit this link to get to the Choosing Wisely Web site.

Hit this link to read a Med Page Today article on this topic.


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