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Cleveland Clinic moves more deeply into digital marketing

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The Cleveland Clinic’s central facility.

Modern Healthcare reports:

“Cleveland Clinic has moved much of its branding work into the digital realm. Paul Matsen, chief marketing officer of the $8 billion healthcare system, divides the marketing efforts by geography: those targeted at nearby northeast Ohio and those targeted at the rest of the country and world. In northeast Ohio, he said, Cleveland Clinic already has full brand awareness, so it focuses instead on promoting access and publicizing its same-day appointments and telehealth services.”

“To build its brand and acquire new patients, Cleveland Clinic has turned to the Web, with search-engine marketing and two content platforms—one that’s aimed at consumers and presents health and wellness news, and one that’s aimed at providers and highlights treatment trends and research.

“It is also making extensive use of social media—especially Facebook and Twitter. It is experimenting with Instagram and Snapchat, too. ‘We think of social media first and foremost as an awareness-generating medium that allows us to engage with patients from all over the world,’ Matsen said.”

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