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Community hospitals working with renown cancer-care centers

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Part of Dana-Farber Cancer Center, in Boston.

A  growing number of community hospitals are joining forces with such famed National Cancer Institute-designated centers as Houston-based MD Anderson  and Boston-based Dana-Farber to expand access to state-of-the-art oncology care.

And in an increasingly competitive market, association with a brand-name cancer center helps attract patients.

As Modern Healthcare notes, “Cancer treatments are increasingly complex and tailored to the individual, and the best treatment must tap into medical advances that harness the power of genetics or the immune system. That highly specialized knowledge is usually found in the nation’s pre-eminent cancer centers.

“Yet patients increasingly desire to access their care closer to home where it is less expensive, which matters a lot as the price of cancer drugs skyrockets and an increasing number of patients are in high-deductible health insurance plans. When community hospitals join forces with the experts at cancer centers, they can tap those resources and expertise for patients with complex cases without having to send them away for more expensive treatment.”

Thus such alliances can boost the operating margins of community hospitals in these very competitive times.

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