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Despite CMS delays, bundled payments seen here to stay

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Despite another delay  in CMS-led bundled-payment programs, bundled payments are likely to continue as providers’ favorite  value-based reimbursement model.

As Healthcare Dive notes: “Bundled payments serve as an entry to value-based care because of the relatively low risk providers take on. And while these programs aren’t yet proven to be successful, there is enough positive data to excite those who champion paying for healthcare based on value.”

S0, “although CMS under the current administration is less enthused for bundled payments {than the Obama administration}, the industry trend isn’t likely to stop.”

“Private payers are getting in the game, too, so hospitals should invest in EHRs that allow real-time care coordination, and should consider trying voluntary programs as an onramp to the process.”

The American Hospital Association  has spoken out against  against additional delays and thus burdens on providers. “As it exists, the {current} rule places too much risk on providers with little opportunity for reward in the form of shared savings, especially in light of the significant upfront investments required,” said AHA Executive Vice President Tom Nickels.

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