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The Direct Primary Care model

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A look the Direct Primary Care model of medicine. This Medscape article explains that in the DPC:

“Physicians do not bill the patient’s insurance, and the associated overhead savings result in the chance to offer affordable prices for patients. Patients often have their physician’s e-mail, cell phone number, and so on, and periodic (usually monthly) fees take the place of fee-for-service billing.

“A DPC practice is one that (1) charges a periodic fee and (2) does not bill third parties on a fee-for-service basis (at least for its DPC patients), and for which (3) any per-visit fee is less than the monthly equivalent of the periodic fee. This definition is designed to protect practices from being defined as unlawful ‘insurance’ companies. It also distinguishes DPC from concierge medicine models that typically charge higher monthly fees and continue to bill the patient’s insurance in addition to the monthly fee.”

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