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Those disappearing hospital beds

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In “The case of the disappearing hospital beds,” HealthcareDIVE presents  a handy overview or the accelerating trend to more outpatient services and shorter hospital stays, and discusses such new things as ”bedless hospitals.”

The news service noted:

“The idea that a healthcare could cost less if it focused more on outpatient care than inpatient care is not new. A 1999 report on bedless hospitals from the American Institute of Architects noted that hospitals were being transformed as patients relied more on outpatient services. A 1993 article in The Independent predicted that bedless hospitals would become the norm in the United Kingdom by the early part of the 21st century.

“While bedless hospitals haven’t become a mainstay in healthcare yet, the trend is increasingly toward outpatient services. Outpatient services definitely seem less costly than inpatient service. In one review of relevant studies, published last December by Orthopedic Reviews, researchers determined outpatient surgeries were associated with cost savings averaging 16.6% to 57.6%, with most of the savings in nursing and room costs.

“One factor driving the trend toward outpatient services is the shift to a pay-for-value model. The government and payers are implementing policies to discourage inpatient admissions.”

To read the entire article, please hit this link.

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