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Duties for doctors and execs in hospital collaboration

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Todd J. Kislak, chief development officer for Hospitalists Now Inc., a physician-services company based in Austin,  discusses six actions that physicians and hospital administrators can take to improve their collaborations. Administrators should:

“Work closely with physician leaders to help keep the practice groups stable, improve physician satisfaction and reduce turnover.”

Create career paths for physicians to prepare them for leadership roles with increasing responsibility.”

“{S}hare with the physicians the financial and operational goals of the hospital.

Make regular visits into the community to meet with the hospital’s constituents on their turf.”

“Openly share information about physician turnover and retention rates.

Provide the physicians with more protected nonclinical time for engagement-related activities.”

Physicians should:

“Take the time to learn about the big picture: how the hospital aims to achieve its goals for each of its stakeholders.”

Learn the basics of hospital accounting and finance.

“During patient encounters, seek opportunities to characterize your facility and the medical staff in a way that communicates confidence.”

Balance the need for autonomy in treating patients with the responsibility to make systems-oriented decisions that benefit the facility as a whole.

“Concentrate work time at one facility and minimize part-time work at other facilities.

“Recognize that the hospital’s physician leaders carry significant responsibility in ensuring that engagement is successful and yields the intended results.


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