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The economics of quality-improvement interventions to prevent readmissions

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A study reported in JAMA Internal Medicine looked at whether quality-improvement interventions designed to reduce hospital readmissions are associated with net savings to the health system.

The findings:

“In this systematic review and data analysis of economic evaluations based on data for more than 16 700 patients, hospital readmissions declined by an average of 12.1% among populations with heart failure and 6.3% among general populations, but net savings to the health system were variable. In general populations, interventions that involved engaging patients and caregivers were associated with similar effectiveness but substantially larger net savings to the health system than other interventions.”

The authors concluded:

“Diverse interventions can be effective at reducing readmissions, but cost savings do not consistently occur. Interventions that engage patients and family members may be associated with larger net savings.”

To read the report, please hit this link.

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