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Feds okay broad Wash. State Medicaid reform

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Mt. Rainier, in Washington State, considered a very dangerous volcano whose eruption could kill many thousands of people.

The CMS has granted Washington State preliminary approval to reform its Medicaid program  aimed at addressing cost and clinical-care challenges associated with the state’s swelling Medicaid population and moving to value-based care from fee for service. An aim is to move  90 percent of Medicaid payments to a value-based model by 2021.
The five-year waiver program will get $1.5 billion in federal funds.

The program calls for   delivery-system reforms and expanding  the range of  long-term services and supports.

Washington’s  Medicaid population has jumped nearly 60 percent since 2013, to 1.7 million,  as spending has risen to $10.4 billion a year from $7.8 billion.

Key to the changes  is creating so-called Accountable Communities of Health.  Each will be charged with crafting delivery-system reforms that consider social conditions that can affect health.

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