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Fighting back against the insurers

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P.J. Cloud-Moulds writes in Medical Economics:

“An article posted on reports that the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS), after 12 years of litigation, has finally won a lawsuit against United Healthcare for $11.5 million. I wholeheartedly applaud NCMS for sticking to their goals and not giving up, particularly after so many years! The lawsuit was not intended to make financial payments to providers, as much as it was to upgrade UHC’s provider self-service technology systems. Quite frankly, I’m not sure why they are not already required to maintain and upgrade their data platform, especially being a medical business entity of their size. Regardless, the lawsuit is over, and the little guys won.

“This is just one of many {such} lawsuits going on right now. …Patients are tired of being lied to by these insurance companies, and they’re supporting these lawsuits, as well. The lawsuits vary from allegedly violating anti-trust laws, to creating plans under the Affordable Care Act that do not have any physicians in their networks — forcing patients to pay more out-of-pocket expenses, and fighting wrongfully denied claims.

“Whatever the reasons, it’s clear that those being wronged by these large insurance payers are fighting back, and it’s about time.”

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