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The fiscal future of weight management

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Douglas W. Rothrock, M.D., the  founder of Prescott Cardiology, in Arizona, looks at the intersection of value-based payments, MACRA and the obesity epidemic in a Physicians Practice piece, at the end of which he comments:

“By offering a weight management protocol that is consistent with evidence-based guidelines, physicians can help patients prevent disease progression, improve standards of quality in obesity management, and comply with an achievable quality measure that can contribute to maximum reimbursement.

“In the future, we may expect to see the astronomical human and fiscal cost of obesity prompts the expansion of quality measures for obese patients, including evidence-based obesity prevention and treatment that includes the behavioral, nutritional intervention, and counseling necessary to lose weight and keep it off. And at the heart of MACRA and other value-based payment systems, that’s what it’s all about.”

To read his essay, please hit this link.

Douglas W. Rothrock, MD is the founder of Prescott Cardiology in Arizona.

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