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GOP threats may cause insurers to quit exchanges

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”Greeks fleeing the Destruction of Psara in 1824,” by Nikolaos Gyzis.

Many observers think that Republican threats to dissolve the Affordable Care Act could lead many insurers to bail out of the insurance marketplaces for individuals at the end of next year.

No one seems to know whether the right-wing Republicans about to control the federal government will carry out their threat to immediately kill the ACA in January or more gradually dissolve it. But even the latter is bound to cause enough confusion, disruption and anxiety to push out insurers.

FierceHealthcare reported: “{E}ven  {just} the prospect of a repeal—or a reconciliation bill with a delayed effective date—would disrupt existing markets. The federal government announced earlier this month that insurers must file proposed premium rates by May 3. If there is still uncertainty surrounding the individual marketplace, payers are likely to pull out altogether….”

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