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Gov. Walker proposes huge long-term care changes

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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the proposed budget of Wisconsin Governor and possible  GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker includes a ”massive overhaul of the system that provides long-term care to more than 50,000 elderly or disabled people in Wisconsin — a dramatic change that blindsided those currently managing the care.’

“The proposal, which would affect more than $2 billion a year in spending, would replace a system built over several decades with a new model in which the state would contract with large insurance companies to manage both long-term care and medical care,” the paper reported.

“No one had any inkling this was happening,”  Michael Blumenfeld, a spokesman for the Wisconsin Family Care Association, told the paper. “We are just scratching our heads. Why would you do this?”

”The governor’s proposal, he said, is the most significant change in long-term care in the state in 20 years.”

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