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Healthcare is, and should be, a business, not a ‘right’

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You have to pay for it.

Megan McArdle, a columnist for Bloomberg News, argues that healthcare is a business, not a “right”. Consider food, which is  even more important for human survival than  healthcare, but is considered a business. Why should healthcare be considered different?

She concludes:

“A true national health care system, along the lines of Britain or Canada, would have advantages and disadvantages over what we have now. But one advantage that it doesn’t offer is to free us from the need to think about our health care in the cold logic of dollars and cents, rather than warm and fuzzy altruistic ideals. Health care cannot be a right, full stop; it has to stop before we run out of wallet.  Which means that no matter how much it horrifies, we have to stop hoping for a system that will make those hard decisions and unhappy trade-offs go away.”

To read her essay, please hit this link.

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