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England-U.S.: Healthcare lessons, challenges

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This piece in JAMA looks at the similarities of the healthcare challenges facing England and the U.S. The authors conclude:

“Faced with similar challenges and goals, as well as uncertainty about the best policy solutions, the United States and England have much to learn from each other in reforming health care. For example, the United States needs help in establishing policies that will encourage a primary care workforce that is as well developed and geographically distributed as the workforce in England. England also has much to learn from the experience in the United States of delivering population-based care management through Accountable Care Organizations. Ultimately, success in both countries will depend on, first, an unremitting focus on promoting collaboration among payers, physicians, organizations that provide health services, and the people who use health services and, second, a consistent commitment of policy makers to support rigorous, timely, and independent evaluations of health care policies.”

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