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Heavy losses from hospital-employed physicians

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A new report from  Kentucky says that 58 percent of hospitals reported annual per-physician losses of more than $100,000 — and growing.

Still, Medical Economics reports,  hospitals who hired ”primary-care physicians incurred lower losses on average ($100,000 or less) compared with hospitalists or specialist physicians (more than $100,000). Specialists also accounted for the greatest losses across the board, representing the only physician provider type to incur more than $200,000 in losses per physician annually.”

”Larger hospital systems faced greater losses, as did larger hospitals…Sixty-six percent of hospitals with more than 200 beds report losses between $100,000 and $200,000 per provider annually while 33% reported losses greater than $200,000. In smaller hospital systems and in hospitals with fewer than 200 beds, 88% reported losses less than $200,000, with 66% falling below the $100,000 mark for losses. ”

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