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The American Journal of Managed Care  last month  published the results of a  pilot study about a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) in a busy and urban primary-care practice that showed better patient outcomes and without workflow disruptions.

Medical Economics says the study found providers and patients both liked the practice, which showed such nice outcomes as  increased life expectancy (12 months versus 6.7 months for those in the control group) and  greater success in stop-smoking efforts.

”The study’s authors say the program was beneficial and not difficult to implement, despite fears over the length of time office visits in the PCMH would require.”

Less happily —  and in a contradiction”? —   the study’s authors said that  “It is increasingly appreciated that while primary care should become more personalized and patient-centered, time constraints may oppose these goals.”

”The study notes that clinic staff can obtain vital signs and conduct routine interviewing, while another team member can resolve appointment and logistical issues, resulting in a 60-minute visit  {for a patient} divided between four or five different roles within the clinic.”

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