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Hospitals enriching job offers to address nurse shortage

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The original Stamford Hospital on a 1911 postcard. Looks like one of the mansions in that long-prosperous community.

Some hospitals are pulling out the stops to address a nurse shortage, reports FierceHealthcare. Many give sign-up bonuses but  some institutions have  also come up with such new blandishments as offering to pay tuitions for nurses and   for their children.

This has become the reality for many of the nation’s hospitals as many experienced RNs retire and too few nurses are in the pipeline to fill those positions as the population ages. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment of registered nurses will grow 15 percent over the next eight years.

Hospitals are also recruiting  nurses via such programs as Stamford {Conn.} Health’s 12-week orientation program that pairs them with  mentors in medical or surgical units.  Stamford Hospital is the system’s flagship.

And down Route 95,  Greenwich {Conn.} Hospital,  part of the Yale New Haven Health System,  last year tried out a 12-month operating-room nurse-residency program, with the first five nurses graduating in January.

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