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Hospitals increasingly turn to staffing companies

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The publication wrote: “Some hospitals say that working with staffing firms under the so-called managed-service provider model has helped them cope with severe shortages, and that MSPs have served them better than having to deal directly with individual staffing firms to locate and place candidates. MSPs can be used by healthcare providers to cover themselves in a variety of situations, from simply filling slots for a certain shift to flexing up during a massive system overhaul such as an information technology installation. ”

“Some hospitals and health systems are turning to the MSP model so they don’t have to dedicate as much time and resources to finding qualified professionals. Under the model, they outsource the role of dealing with staffing firms, letting the MSP handle not only recruiting, but sometimes also credentialing. MSP proponents say this allows hospitals to focus on providing care for patients, rather than scouring staffing firms for potential candidates.”

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