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Integrate three care models

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Alan Spiro, M.D. ,and Adam Perlman, M.D.,  argue that three care models need to be merged for maximum healthcare-system improvement. “We contend that the greatest advances in health — and savings in the cost of care — will come when all three models are employed in concert to help people achieve their health goals.They describe the three models as:
  • “The biomedical model primarily treats disease, once it appears, by using evidence-based medicine. Care tends to be physician-directed, episodic and focused on addressing pathophysiology.
  • “The integrative medicine model treats the whole person, not merely the disease, and employs conventional as well as complementary approaches. These can include a broad set of therapeutic modalities such as biologically based practices, mind-body medicine, energy medicine, and manipulative and body-based practices. IM is generally health-oriented and proactive, and it involves partnerships between patients and providers.
  • ”The assistance model (a term we coined) is rooted in the notion that managing care and engaging people in their health requires a personalized service that addresses the contextual factors in their lives —­ those issues, be they emotional, logistical or economic, that stand in the way of what is optimal. It gives consumers the support they need — via a trusted adviser — to navigate the health care system, coordinate care, address life-context issues, and curate other health- and benefits-related services.”    To read their whole essay, please hit this link.

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