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Why I left a big system

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Why I left a giant health system for my cancer care

Michelle  Chaffee, a healthcare professional and a patient, writes in Med City News about why she left  a giant  healthcare system  to go elsewhere for cancer treatment.

Among her observations about dealing with a large system:

“Technology for the sake of technology is inefficient and probably a huge waste of money. In an establishment that is clearly focused on being very state of the art, one would expect the technology would actually improve delivery of care, otherwise, what’s the point? The fact that I am handed a device and instructed to answer questions such as, ‘Could you be pregnant?’ when the entire reason I am there is because I had ovarian cancer is almost infuriating and does the opposite of build trust. I understand that it’s because the system is so gigantic and they see so many patients but who is that better for? What are we doing?”



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