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MACRA is seen as the central change in healthcare

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Speakers at the recent Society of Hospital Medicine 2017 Annual Meeting spoke up on the House Republican healthcare bill, which has been sent over to the Senate.

“This bill will not become law,” said Ron Greeno, M.D., president and chairman for public policy for the society and senior adviser for medical affairs at TeamHealth, in North Hollywood, Calif., told Medscape.

“A bill may become law, but it will not be this one.”

In any event, he predicted,  this bill could not stop  the change from fee for service to paying for value.

He said that strongest recent sign of that transformation was been the bi-partisan passage — with a vote of 92 to 8 — of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA). He said that ”MACRA will have a greater impact on all U.S. providers than any piece of legislation in our lifetime”

“Both parties understand that if we don’t move away from rewards for production, we’re going to continue to produce at a level that bankrupts the Medicare Trust Fund,” he  told Medscape.

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