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How MACRA will fail

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Napoleon’s Retreat From Moscow.

David L. Keller, M.D., a California internist, writes that the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) will fail. In a piece in Medical Economics he writes:

“The last thing doctors need is another set of distracting bureaucratic measures to be satisfied before we can attend directly to the patient’s needs. CMS is rushing to implement MACRA, despite the heavy burden this will place on physicians and their patients. MACRA will supposedly improve the quality of medical care while decreasing its cost and increasing the amount of information that doctors collect from their patients and report to CMS. 

“MACRA will, inevitably, fail on all counts: It will increase the cost of medical care, degrade the quality of care and it will clog patient charts with even more of the useless and distracting ‘junk’ information that already litters patient charts and records, due to prior mandates by CMS. 

“CMS can save American physicians (and their patients) a great deal of stress and expense by postponing the implementation of MACRA and reopening the question of whether it is needed at all. ”

To read his article, please hit this link.

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