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Many Boomers want to leave their providers

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Many Baby Boomers are surprisingly willing to leave their providers.

As an article in Medical Economics notes ” {P}roviders have thought that patients generally left a practice only for a couple of reasons: changes in insurance or a personal move to a new location. Times have changed, and the Patient Provider Relationship Study recently revealed that this just isn’t the case anymore.”

“When patients were asked if they were considering leaving their provider in the next two years, about one in three said they were. When broken out by generation, Millennials were the most likely to be thinking about switching, but even Boomers were at risk. Twenty percent of Baby Boomers said they were at least considering switching primary care providers. They cited such  issues as dissatisfaction with the office staff, poor communication, feeling more like a number than a person, and difficulty with scheduling.”

To read the study, please hit this link.

To the Medical Economics article, which gives guidance on how providers can retain patients, please hit this link.

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