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Metrics to look for when choosing a hospital

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recent study …suggests that there are some metrics that patients and their families should be aware of when choosing a hospital. The study, by health economists at MIT and Vanderbilt, found that hospitals that score better on certain metrics reduce mortality. Among the ones they examined were patient-satisfaction scores.

The article, by health economist Austin Frakt, said, among other things:

“In addition to testing the predictive ability of satisfaction scores, {the} study examined indicators of high-quality care — things that a hospital does that are believed to improve outcomes, like the rate at which a hospital gives heart attack patients aspirin upon arrival.

“Here, too, hospitals with better such indicators had lower mortality and readmission rates. The very best hospitals by these measures can reduce the odds of death within a year by 14 percent relative to the very worst hospitals, for example.”

To read The New York Times article on this, please hit this link.

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