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Mrs. Clinton backs Medicare for many more

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Hillary Clinton,  being pulled to the left by Sen. Bernie Sanders’s strong race against her for the Democratic presidential nomination, now says she favors lowering the age of  Medicare eligibility to 50 or 55, The New York Times reports.

“She has called for a range of health policy overhauls to preserve and expand the Affordable Care Act. She has proposed expanding financial protections for people with high health care costs and expanding subsidies to help middle-income people buy their own insurance. She also has proposed a package of policies to lower the price of prescription drugs.”

“But more recently, she has moved further. In February, she began discussing the possibility of a ‘public option,’ a government-run insurance plan available to people shopping on the existing marketplaces. That idea was considered when the Affordable Care Act was being debated in Congress, but it was ultimately removed from the law,” The Times reported.

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