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So near and yet so far

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Med Page Today is publishing a series on how and why Canadian and U.S. health systems developed so differently.  Michael Smith, the writer of the series, summarizes the Canadian system:

  • “It’s universal — All citizens and legal residents are covered for hospital care or physician treatment
  • “It’s free — in the sense that there is no direct cost to patients at the point of care (but the money comes from tax revenue)
  • “It’s portable — Patients from Ontario, for instance, can get still get care if they fall ill elsewhere in the country
  • “It’s administratively simple — Doctors deal with a single payer on an established fee schedule
  • “In general, prescription drugs are not covered outside of the hospital setting and neither is dental care, so many Canadians turn to private or employer-provided insurance to cover those gaps or pay themselves. Most provinces and territories do provide drug coverage for some groups, with variations across the country.’’

Hit this link to read the first article.

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