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No screams yet with ICD-10 implementation

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It’s early, but so far anyway, the implementation of the ICD-10 diagnostic and procedural codes   has not created any disasters.

Modern Healthcare says: “Health information technology cognoscenti predict most providers of size—large hospitals and health systems, large physician groups and large health plans—will swim right along in a sea of far more numerous, complex and very specific new codes.”

“And after three government-induced delays totaling four years, most providers should have been ready.”

Still,  insurers might be forced to delay reimbursements if codes aren’t submitted properly.

“The American Medical Association, numerous state medical societies, and other physician groups had fought the conversion for years, almost to the bitter end. The AMA didn’t throw in the towel until July, cutting a deal with the CMS in which physicians were given one year’s worth of wiggle room via a pledge by the agency not to bounce Medicare claims incorrectly coded.”









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