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How Orlando Health dealt with mass murder

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Orlando Regional Medical Center.

This is Becker’s Hospital Review’s very interesting look   at how Orlando Health, a six-hospital system with two affiliated hospitals, dealt with the carnage left by mass-murdering Islamist Omar Mateen on Sunday.

Becker’s reports that:

1. “Orlando Health’s Orlando Regional Medical Center took in most of the victims. ”

2. “The hospital tweeted at 8 a.m. Sunday it had cared for just under 50 victims of the attack. ”

3. “Orlando Health put its facilities under lockdown for visitors early Sunday {June 12} morning.  ”

4. “The hospital allowed family members of confirmed patients to visit during the lockdown. The hospital also provided family members with multiple ways to access information about loved ones — it provided information at a local senior center and established a victim hotline, 407-246-4357.”

5. “The hospital is not accepting in-kind donations due to the nature of the incident. It also asked those who wished to donate blood not to come to the hospital, but to go to a blood center. ”


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