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‘Our patients are not PowerPoint slides’

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Structure of a EHR system.

“Why, in such a complex environment, have we allowed ourselves to become subject to an electronic health record that is not anywhere near as responsive as we would like, when it comes to making things better for patients and providers and the rest of the team taking care of all of these patients?”

“It seems strange that since healthcare providers across this country are paying thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars to the EHR vendors, and since getting this right is so critical to being able to adequately care for patients in the challenging healthcare environment we are all practicing in, you’d think that the companies that make these things would be getting the message that what we have is just not enough.”

“As much as we’ve complained about these things through the years, it feels like we’ve been unable to move the needle away from the creators of the program controlling the content, how it looks, what we have to do to click the buttons to get through our day, rather than us, those of us who take care of the patients, who, believe it or not, probably know best what an EHR really should look like.”

“Our patients are not PowerPoint slides, and we are not presenters standing up in front of an audience where it’s okay if the slides don’t look exactly like you wish they looked.”

To read his whole essay, please hit this link.

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