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‘Physiatry’ for patients with severe injuries

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Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Boston.

Chloe Slocum, M.D., MPH, a staff physician at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, in Boston, and an instructor at the Harvard Medical School, talks about a kind of care called “physiatry”. She writes in NEJM Catalyst:

“Individual teams in physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), also called physiatry, care for some of the most medically complex and vulnerable patients following severe injuries, all while maintaining an inclusive focus on medical management, quality of life, and long-term goals for community participation.”

“Providing high-quality care for individuals with multiple complex medical conditions and functional impairments can pose unique challenges, and involves close collaboration and teamwork across different specialties and sites of care within the community.”

“While I am incredibly fortunate to work in a system where collaboration across settings is the norm, I have long admired two peer institutions that have seemingly bridged the divides of geography and discipline to accentuate the value of rehabilitation medicine and effective teamwork — not only for specific teams, but for entire organizations in very different environments.” The institutions are the University of Washington and the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, in Chicago.

To read Dr. Slocum’s essay on this, please hit this link.

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