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How a physician group pushes value-based care

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Herewith a look at how Revere Health, the largest independent physicians group in Utah and an Accountable Care Organization, is using a value-based care model.

Revere, based in Provo, focuses heavily on preventive practices and coordination of care between providers.

Of course, the future of the Affordable Care Act is highly uncertain given the outcome of the presidential election, but Revere Health plans to maintain  its value-based care drive regardless of changes to the law.

As an article in FierceHealthcare noted: “Healthcare systems that deliver the best care at the lowest costs are the ones that will be successful, and patients will seek them out in the long term regardless of what happens to healthcare laws at the federal level.”

“In 2015, our efforts to provide value-based care resulted in quality scores among the top quartile of all systems,” Revere Health CEO Scott Barlow told Fierce. “We also lowered the cost of care by 8.8 percent for our Medicare Shared Savings (MSSP) population based on the cost trajectory of health systems in the area. Only 30 percent of 392 MSSP groups nationwide met the threshold for shared savings, and Revere Health was in the top 25 percent of those that did qualify, and the only system in Utah to qualify.”

“Value-driven care systems act as an incentive to improve patient outcomes while providing care at a lower cost,”  Mr. Barlow added. “It’s an incentive to learn about and consider the cost of care when helping a patient make treatment decisions.”

“Revere Health providers track outcomes including hospital readmissions, emergency care visits and success rates of procedures and treatments, all of which are indicators of a patient’s overall health over a period of time.”

“Documenting processes and measuring variation can help identify those that are inefficient and the least cost-effective,” Mr. Barlow explained. “Analyzing clinical processes is critical to implementing necessary changes.”

Revere Health has implemented an internal system that involves every employee in the value-based process. “It rewards those who contribute to better quality care and cost savings.”

To read the FierceHealthcare review of Revere, please hit this link.

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