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Physician mocks Microsoft cancer-cure plan

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Computer hard drive.

Roy Poses, M.D., who runs the Health Care Renewal Web site, denounces what he sees as the arrogance of Microsoft for claiming it  can cure cancer.

He writes that the company sees cancer as “just a software platform problem: Microsoft will ‘solve’ cancer within 10 years by ‘reprogramming’ diseased cells.

“Hand a computer scientist a computer and some genetic data, and the world then becomes a deterministic, binary place.”

“We are only scratching the surface in genomics, and to state it is merely a ‘computational problem’ as if biology worked like a deterministic, binary digital computer is, in my mind, wishful thinking.’

“It would be great if genetics were just one big Intel Core I7 that one could program in binary assembly language after decoding its instruction set, but I have doubts it’s that simple. ”

To read Dr. Poses’s post, please hit this link.

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