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Possible FDA leader called ill-informed and swimming in conflicts

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Dr. Roy M. Poses, M.D., in his Health Care Renewal Web site, writes:

{Jim O’Neill} a candidate to be the new head of the Food and Drug Administration floated by the incoming administration has no experience in medicine, biomedical science, healthcare research, etc. He would thus be a prototypical ill-informed leader. He currently runs a venture capital firm which has major existing investments in biotechnology firms (hence his appointment would be a striking example of the revolving door, a form of conflict of interest, if not corruption).  Finally, he has proposed that the FDA abandon its mission to prospectively assure the efficacy of new drugs and sometimes devices, which actually would apparently violate the law.  So here is one example writ large of the “yuuuuge” problems we started writing about in 2003.  True healthcare reform would put people who understand about healthcare, care about its values, and would be willing to be accountable to uphold them in charge of health care organizations, among other things.”

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