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Progressives, conservatives on future healthcare steps

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Kent Bottles, M.D., talks with healthcare analysts to see what might next, afterthe collapse of the Graham-Cassidy. Dr. Bottles is a lecturer at the Thomas Jefferson University School of Population Health, in Philadelphia, and chief medical officer of PYA Analytics.  He writes that Congress is unlikely to take on healthcare in the next few months. But it’s worth  looking at the healthcare agendas of progressives and conservatives going forward.

He writes in Hospital Impact:

“Progressives are committed to protecting the Affordable Care Act and extending healthcare coverage to all Americans. There is not consensus about how to accomplish this goal:

  • “Some are advocating for ‘Midlife Medicare,’ which would be open to citizens ages 50 to 64.”
  • “Sen. Brian Schatz (D.-Hawaii), has proposed a bill that would extend the Medicaid program to all who wanted to seek coverage under that program.”
  • “Sen. Bernie Sanders (I.-Vt.)  has garnered support from many mainstream Democratic senators for a ‘Medicare for all’ measure.”
  • “Others think that expanding Medicaid, providing coverage for immigrants, fixing the ACA family glitch and extending CHIP are the best ways to go.”

“Since many conservatives do not think the federal government should play any role in healthcare, opposition to the ACA is easier than coming up with a replacement solution. Leading conservative experts do not agree on what to do next:

  • “Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute still thinks repealing the ACA is the only way to go.”
  • “Avik Roy of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity would favor a system similar to Switzerland’s with universal coverage through private insurance and subsidization, but no individual mandate, per the article.”
  • “Doug Holtz-Eakin of the American Action Forum would focus on changing the delivery system to decrease cost and not concentrate on insurance coverage.”
  • “Sen. Ted Cruz (R.-Texas) has proposed allowing insurers to sell non-ACA-compliant plans in any given state as long as they sell at least one ACA-compliant plan there.”

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