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Providers see payers as drag on population health

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Providers  surveyed in  Numerof & Associates’ annual national study of population health generally said  that they’re committed to population-health-management programs but their optimism  about population health is down, at least in part because of payers’ declining enthusiasm for risk-based contracts.

Rita Numeroff, who runs Numerof & Associates, told FierceHealthcare:

“Payers have over time made a point of being perceived as ‘how many different ways can I say no,’ to various kinds of interventions, and part of that, quite frankly, has been brought about by upcoding and upcharging where providers could.” She said that providers are “concerned payers are going to continue to say no.”

42 percent of the  organizations polled in the Numerof study of population-health adoption called it  “critically important” to future success and  74 percent indicated  that their organizations have  designated  units  for such programs.

The survey found that while 75 percent of respondents indicated they were in at least one risk-based agreement with a payer, only 1 in 10 said at least 40 percent of their organization’s revenue came via agreements with upside gain or downside risk.

Respondents predicted that 21-40 percent of their revenue will flow through risk  models within two years. That’s down  from  41-60 percent in the prior survey.

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