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Push to hire vets for Houston healthcare

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University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The Houston Chronicle says local  experts tout veterans as very good employees of healthcare institutions, saying that they have very good work performance and are dedicated.

He said veterans show great work performance and dedication.

As one healthcare executive said: “As an example, we have some working in prosthetics who have lost limbs themselves. Because they know and understand what recently injured military are feeling, physically, mentally and emotionally, they become role models when it comes to productive lives after recovery. These factors also allow them to work effectively with our veterans.”

Area hospitals, including  world-renown University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center,  seek out vets. Almost all major hospitals in Greater Houston welcome  them to job fairs and encourage them to apply  for jobs through hospital Web sites.

The paper says, as an example, that four years ago Texas Medical Center “began an initiative called ‘Hiring Red, White and You.’ After several successful years (HRWY has connected 31,000-plus veterans with 4,700 employers), this initiative is now headed by the Texas Workforce Commission.”



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