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Religious faith and medicine

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Chiduzie Madubata, M.D., a cardiologist in Philadelphia and an Anglican, writes about reconciling his Christian faith with the complexities of providing healthcare. Here’s one of his observations:

“{T}to be honest, there were not many times that I had to question the tenets of my faith growing up since I did not have to deal with much in the way of ethical dilemmas.

“However, as I started to take college courses in the sciences and went through medical school, I started to encounter certain ethical dilemmas in medicine that demanded that I start to think more critically about these situations. Discussion about stem cell research, genetic testing, euthanasia, and abortion among other things became more relevant to me as I heard public debates between scientific communities and communities of faith. The science would indicate one way to think about things, and my faith seemingly indicated another way to think about things, and at times, these would come into conflict.”

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