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Report details the makeover of primary care

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A report from PwC’s Health Research Institute says that primary care is on the verge of a big  makeover.

“With rising costs and increased demand, primary-care practitioners need to rethink their business models to unlock value — and be rewarded for their contributions,” Simon Samaha, M.D., a principal in PwC’s U.S. Health Industries practice, said in a news release. “We’re going to see non-traditional players shake up the industry using new technologies and innovative approaches focused on convenience for patients and value for providers.”

Four key findings from the report, as summarized by FierceHealthcare:

1. “Purchasers are banking on primary care to save money. For instance, federal officials are pumping billions of dollars into primary care improvements. Employers are igniting change by adding lower cost, more convenient primary care benefit plan options. …{N}early half of employers will make telehealth services available to employees this year.”

2. “Consumers are selecting primary care that fits their lifestyles.” {The report} said that “about eight in 10 consumers would be open to non-traditional ways of getting basic medical attention.”

3. “New entrants are disrupting the healthcare industry with innovative primary care models. …{T}hese new entrants offer convenience and value to consumers and purchasers through convenient care, house calls, at-your-service care, digital health and nurse-led care.”

4. “Some primary-care traditionalists are adapting to stay relevant. {The report said that} about one-third of physicians have altered their business model to adapt to changing models of care. For instance, some have co-located care team offices with lab, imaging, physical therapy and other complementary services.”










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