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Social costs of repealing the ACA

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Tara McKay, writing in Health Affairs, discusses the social costs associated with repealing the Affordable Care Act. Among her observations:

“In the United States, where health care is viewed as more of a commodity than a right, the promise of expanding access to health insurance, especially publicly subsidized insurance, is relational and redistributive. The most basic role of government is to protect its citizens, especially those who are most vulnerable. In order to achieve this, those of us with insurance have to understand the issue of expanding access to insurance as our issue. Instead, the social reality of the millions of uninsured Americans—those who were uninsured prior to the passage of the ACA, those who remained uninsured well after its implementation, and those who may lose coverage as a result of a repeal—is one of exclusion and marginalization not just from health care, but from our society as a whole.”

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