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Steps for young physicians who want to lead

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This Medical Economics piece by Andrew M. Freeman, M.D., director of clinical cardiology and an assistant professor of medicine at National Jewish Health in Denver,  looks at how young physicians can best advance their careers:

The ideas  (some obvious!) include:

Remain calm and observe.

”Understand the pathophysiology.”

”Making the diagnosis is always the hardest step. Spending the time to look under every stone, ‘test’ as needed and look for the problem is always where the challenge lies. What may look alike on the outside may actually be representative of a more difficult underlying issue.”

Reconcile amidst workplace politics

“Empowering your staff to help you is paramount—just the same as empowering your patients.”

Plan and report

Don’t be afraid

Tie it all together

Be a servant leader

”For those afraid to take on the headache of administration or leadership: take the plunge! It’s much easier to make mistakes earlier in your career than later, so think of such opportunities as practice that will help you  build towards perfection.” Dr. Freeman writes.

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