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Strengthening hospital-patient relations on the phone

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This article looks at the importance of  hospital call centers in promoting good relations with patients.

Becker’s Hospital Review notes: “Most health systems put a majority of their focus on patients’ site visits, but hospitals are interacting with patients at a higher frequency through the phone. The average health system can encounter millions of inbound calls a year. These conversations can set the tone for the rest of the patient’s interaction with a hospital or health system.”

Bill Moschella, co-founder and CEO of healthcare customer-relationship-management software company Evariant, discusses:

The importance of  the call center in the patient experience.

The impact if the caller has a positive experience versus a negative experience.

The usual ways hospitals mishandle customer relationships.

The most common mistakes hospitals and health systems make with call centers.

Hospitals that choose to outsource their call center needs — the respective benefits versus risks of choosing to outsource your call center to a third party.


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