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The future of paying providers for value


This HealthAffairs piece looks at the future of paying providers for value. It uses the Alternative Payment Model Framework White Paper as a launch pad.

The authors discuss, among other things:

  • “Changing the financial reward to providers is only one way to stimulate and sustain innovative approaches to the delivery of person-centered care. In the future, it will be important to monitor progress in initiatives that empower patients to have a voice in model design, to seek care from high-value providers (via performance metrics, financial incentives, and other means), and to become active participants in shared decision-making.
  • “As delivery systems evolve, the goal is to drive a shift towards shared-risk and population-based payment models that incentivize improvements in the quality and efficiency of person-centered care.
  • “To reach our goals for health care reform, value-based incentives should be intense enough for providers to invest in and implement delivery reforms, and they should increase over time.
  • “Centers of excellence, accountable care organizations, and patient-centered medical homes are delivery systems that can be supported by a variety of payment models.”



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