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Probes highlight mental hospitals’ challenges


Investigations at psychiatric hospitals in three states have highlighted some daunting issues that these organizations face.

The Boston Globe has reported that federal investigators have cited Arbor Health System for dirty conditions and lack of needed staff. Arbor runs eight mental-health facilities in Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, The Denver Post has reported on serious understaffing at the state mental hospital in Pueblo, Colo. Things are said to be so bad that federal investigators have found that the 449-bed Colorado Mental Health Institute poses “a serious and immediate threat to the health and safety” of its patients.

And Tulsa World has  reported that federal and state officials plan to cut off   funding for Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health System, in Tulsa, after instances of staff members roughing up patients and using “nebulous action plans” that included restraints or seclusion.

Of course, that demand for psychiatric beds is  so high makes things tougher for  providers that struggle to have space for patients. And there aren’t enough psychiatrists and  other mental-health clinicians to treat these patients.

Many mentally ill patients end up in hospital emergency department, where most emergency physicians say mental-illness treatment is sorely inadequate.

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