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Execs say the ACA too entrenched to be killed




Top healthcare executives say that the Affordable Care Act is far too entrenched to be killed  by Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Repeal of the ACA “is not a possibility,” George Scangos, chief executive at biotechnology company Biogen Idec Inc., told Reuters . “They {the Republicans} would somehow have to explain to millions of people that they will lose health insurance.”

Aetna Inc. said it is talking to Republicans and Democrats about a possible “grand bargain” to salvage  the ACA if the U.S.  Supreme Court rules against key elements of the law later this year.

“Blowing up the (Affordable Care Act) is like shutting down the government,” Aetna Chief Executive Officer Mark Bertolini told some investors. “So we are having conversations on both sides of the aisle about what … things you change in the ACA, what we could introduce, about how to make a grand bargain should the Supreme Court decide.”



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