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Seeking universal truths in data-analytics studies

Brian Eastwood, after hearing a bunch of healthcare-analytics case studies at the recent Medical Informatics World conference in Boston, thinks that he may have found some universal truths applicable to payers, providers, government agencies and other stakeholders.


Stay out of the cloud and other ways to fight hackers


In the wake of the disastrous hack of Anthem, the insurance giant, Brian Eastwood, writing in Hospital Impact, proposes some things hospitals should do, including:


* “Engage your board of directors with the chief information security officer.”

* “Use as many layers of protection as you can. Yes, this means encryption–of data at rest and of backups….”

* “Make penetration and application vulnerability testing an ongoing priority. You can do this by incorporating them these processes into operational analysis.”

* “Hire third parties to conduct your HIPAA risk assessment.” .

* ”Don’t use the cloud to store data from applications that require strict security standards. Store this data on company-owned storage.”

* “Follow Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) standards if you develop applications.”

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