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When will/can sector ditch fee for service?


She notes that a new  PwC Health Research Institute (HRI) report  says while healthcare executives publicly praise the move to value-based care, “they privately drag their feet while they wait for a successful model to emerge before they take on the risk.”

Ms. MacDonald says that “One reason for their hesitancy–or what the authors described in the report as a ‘go-slow, dip-the-toe-in-the-water approach’–is the legitimate concern that revenue will decline in the early years of the transition.”

Ceci Connolly, HRI director, holds  out  hope, however. In Ms. MacDonald’s words, she says:

“It will take investment in strong data analytics, improvements in the care they provide and a culture change so all doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals truly operate as a team. But the organizations that have made these front-end investments and stuck with it are beginning to see their efforts pay off.”

5 big trends, whatever happens to the ACA


PwC discusses five big hospital-industry trends that are  likely to continue, whatever happens to the Affordable Care Act at the Supreme Court.

“These trends are much bigger and more powerful then what’s contained in the act itself because the industry is shifting, and entrepreneurs and investors have seen opportunities in the $2.9 trillion health sector, and they have taken the ACA as a jumping-off point,” Ceci Connolly, managing director of PwC’s Health Research Institute, told  FierceHealthcare.

The five trends:

“The shift to value-based care. ”

“A renewed focus on primary care. 

“The ACA recognized the importance of physician extenders, who provide routine care while steering sicker patients to specialists. As the number of newly insured patients continues to rise, the industry will rely more on nurse practitioners and physician assistants to meet the growing demand for primary care, the report notes.”

“A new emphasis on innovation. More than 90 new companies were created since the law took effect in 2010, according to the analysis. These new entrants rushed into the market to meet the demand for lower-cost, consumer-oriented care options in the post ACA-era.”

A move from wholesale health insurance to retail insurance. Rapid enrollment in the public exchanges shows the potential for retail-style health insurance and creates renewed interest in private exchanges….”

“A new focus on the state’s role in healthcare form. States are key players in the reconfigured healthcare landscape because the ACA gave states notable discretion in how they could implement the law. ”


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