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New company to promote health


Lee Hood, a distinguished biologist, and Clayton Lewis have launched a Seattle startup, Arivale, to promote health.

“The healthcare system is clearly upside down,” said Lewis, CEO and co-founder.  “The country spent nearly $4 trillion last year, almost all to diagnosing and treating rather than preventing disease,” he told The Seattle Times

Arivale has raised $36 million in a series B financing round from Arch Venture Partners, Polaris Partners and Maveron. The company previously raised a $3 million series A, led by Maveron.

“Arivale looks at participants’ genetics and baseline health, then pairs them with a coach to make diet, exercise and general wellness plans to avoid disease and conditions,” the paper said.

“Arivale is not looking at medical genetics, only ‘those related to nutrition, exercise and wellness,’ a company representative said. Participants can take the information gleaned from the testing back to their primary-care doctors for continued care.”


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